What Can We Do Against the Killing and Destruction?

Global Co-operation Association

What actually disables people to come to an understanding that they want to live? Now that the communication is so easy, the prophets are still telling us how the world shall turn out too badly and yet we have the world in the status where no superpower can afford to attack another one.

The two-pole organization of the world shows how it is possible to reconcile economic interests with peacekeeping according to the Nobel's idea about the importance of the necessary amount of effective weapons. And that, with a bit of goodwill, it is possible to test this balance without harming people and with destroying the material only to a limited extent; this is advantegous for both sides.

Civilization could be, albeit more slowly, destroyed by degeneration described by Huxley and Orwell, when one of the poles prevails too strongly.

The "world multipolarity" would be dangerous, too: it effectively masks that effort of one power to command all, namely by blaming those others. Its result was the First World War and WWII. Even now, we see that a significant number of people in superpowers admit the possibility of the WWIII, apparently denying that, after it, only such organisms as bedbugs and lower would remain alive on Earth.

Now, all depends on the goodwill and an agreement of just Mr. Trump and a representative of the SCO, likely Mr. Putin.

Can they both overcome the defamations from all those who are interested that they should not agree?
Why the UN or the media doesn't query them for a peaceful solution that hardly any of the two is willing to reject publicly?
Are their voters satisfied with actions of their goodwill?
What about an offence for failure to provide assistance by these two people?

Now, the world is small: if someone wants to arrange something through a chain of acquaintances with anyone else on Earth, on average less than four further contacts are needed. (We prepare translations of other chapters, now Czech and English, to German and Russian.)

Let's sing with as much people as possible our song Against the Wind.