Was können wir gegen das Töten und Zerstören tun?

Vereinigung für weltweite Kooperation
Warum die UNO oder die Medien fragen nicht den Weltpolitiker nach einer friedlichen Lösung, die kaum einer von ihnen bereit ist, öffentlich abzulehnen?!
Lassen Sie uns die Abfrage fördern!

Eva Pečená (photo)

        People in general make decisions by their feelings and it is generally accepted that they are able to deal with a potential enemy far better than politicians. According to the state of affairs in Syria, Ukraine, and elsewhere, we have seen that world leading politicians have not been able to agree on a solution acceptable to all the most powerful forces on Earth for decades. Let's seek for particular solutions by discussion among people as much as possible from around the world and ask the politicians what they think about them.

        We feel this approach is unusual. According to the unofficial response that one of us have received from the Embassy of a great power, it is not customary for the politician to answer an individual citizen of another state. It makes sense: otherwise the politicians could do nothing else.
In the beginning of our activities, it has been shown that such an agreement of almost all people on a particular solution proposal is quite possible (see the result of the first such vote here further on). We will try to prove it for as many people as possible from around the world. Attracting other people’s interest in what they can do for all of the people on Earth is just what Masaryk's work consisted of. According to us, again and again people should realize it by personal contacts; and 'not to be afraid and to be fair' as true democrats according to the work of President Masaryk. That is the only way how to overcome the widespread opinion that nothing can be done to save us! The open discussion and agreement of people of goodwill is, according to Masaryk, the basis of a properly working and true democracy.
        To get a proper solution we need to think thoroughly in terms of usefulness and feasibility. We suggest that the solution concerned in the theme for World Leaders (as mentioned on the pages of one of us) is reasonably good for a beginning, because we cannot imagine a negative answer from any of the politicians. So the answers themselves may solve the situation for the near future; and to give a clear signal to all people in the world that just the two existing poles are capable of solving the world situation and there is no need to select other leading powers. In our opinion, the query is clear enough to show to the people in those superpowers what people they should choose as leaders; in order to get an opportunity to survive and not have to hopelessly in despair trying to use underground shelters. This means to choose practical humanists like presidents Wilson and Masaryk. At the same time, people in those countries that are already in war will see the responsible decision for such a world order as a good way out of their current catastrophic situation and that they should therefore elect those representatives who will continue that way.
let us try to find a better solution and especially let us work to really achieve such a query from an institution, politic or media that are important enough so that the top politicians will answer their questions, hopefully substantially inspired by us.

        We wish to remain neutral concerning the area of strongly opposing world political views. According to our Statutes, we shall publish the number of our members and amount of donations by categories according to country of residence. The categories express the relationship of a country to NATO or SCO, therefore also to the USA or Russia.

        Das Bewusstsein zu verbreiten, dass eine Friedenslösung existiert, die die Interessen der mächtigsten Kräfte der Welt ausreichend ausgleicht, und dass die Lösung hauptsächlich von zwei Spitzenpolitikern abhängt, um eine positive Einigung darüber zu erzielen, sei das Hauptziel unserer Vereinigung. We have prepared that its Statutes and rented its office in Roháčova 145/14, 130 00 Praha 3; 27.10.2017, we have been registered in the Czech Republic with information num. 06563830 . We pre-judge the membership fee of € 1 per year for the operation of the office, electronic organization, translations, administrative and advertisement. It's the interest of all the people over the world. With a sufficient membership base or sponsorship support, even the world politicians shall not be able to overlook the activity. We have a safe domain, which will enable us to use the electronic organizing and the permanent location of these sites. We permanently publish all financial details of our activity including the information about how we use sponsored gifts. We thank the donors named there and ask the future donors also for information on how they wish to be referred. We need underwriters to help publicize and promote our intention. Our e-mail address is query@global-cooperation.cz; our bank account is 2401320303/2010 (IBAN: CZ6220100000002401320303 SWIFT / BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX); the phone number +420 739 179 132 is available for Tomáš Pečený from the Committee.

        The list of the first members is in that link. We invite further interested people also from other UN member states to join us and possibly write us their suggestions concerning the solution or the query, most preferably with the consent of publication in the correspondence section Ideas from other People on this site; we are prepared to publish that also anonymously according to the rules below the list. We see as useful to establish not only local units of our Association but also similar associations in other UN member states and to cooperate with them, especially to spread awareness of the issue, so that even the non-organized people realize that their interest in the fundamental issue of world security is vitally important.
        That mentioned result of our first vote is in the minutes of the General Meeting 29.11.17.

        We believe that the God of every world religion will help those who make this world cooperation.

        Das Komitee:
- RNDr.
 Tomáš Pečený, 1936 (Praha), Vorsitzender und interimistischer Schatzmeister,
- Assoc. Professor Jindřich Klapka, PhD, Hon DL, Hon DSc, 1936
(Brno), Research Professor (Cambridge),
- Běla Fryščáková (Praha).

                                                                                     RNDr. Tomáš Pečený

        All of our texts are composed of parts made together by more people in different languages. Where I am not sure which language version is better, especially in titles, I leave both versions, even though they do not have exactly the same meaning. These of us, who are translating, are encouraged to choose from that versions; their version is then preferred in further attempts to unify that meaning.
                                                                                     RNDr. Tomáš Pečený

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